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Some trees need stakes to grow straight. However, whether they are young trees or mature trees, there comes a time when you need to remove them. But do you know how long you should wait before removing tree stakes?

In this post, Blaine’s trusted tree service gives you valuable tips on when to remove tree stakes.

Why Remove Tree Stakes in the First Place?

Tree stakes are a popular way to support young trees, and experts recommend removing them as soon as trees have established themselves. The reason is simple: as a tree trunk grows, it pushes against the stake and will eventually break it. The stake can also work its way into the trunk over time, which can cause damage to the tree and, eventually, the root ball.

It may be necessary to use a stake to support a young tree, such as if the soil around it is too soft or sandy. In these cases, you should remove the stake once the tree has grown a thicker trunk and reached maturity.

When to Remove Tree Stakes

If your tree is growing too large or the stake shows signs of deterioration, it’s time to remove it. Here are some signs that indicate when to remove tree stakes from newly-planted trees:

Your Tree Has Grown So Much That It Doesn’t Need the Stake Anymore

You should remove stakes from your tree when the trunk can support itself without help from a stake. You’ll know this because the tree will be leaning towards where it wants to go (towards sunlight or other resources). If this happens, you may be able to leave the stake in place; however, if there is any risk of damage (like if a storm comes through), then it would be best to remove them.

If You Notice Swaying or Other Movement Under Your Tree

If you notice swaying under your tree due to strong winds or other issues, it may be time to remove the stakes. This can also happen if the soil around the stakes is too loose. If this happens, it’s best to carefully remove the stakes so they don’t damage your tree further.

The Ground Has Become Too Hard or Dry for the Stakes to Stay Put

Stakes typically work best when there is moisture around them. They may not hold up if they’ve been in place without water. If the area around the stakes is dry, it’s a good time to take them out. 

After One Growing Season (Approximately Six Months)

When you notice that your tree has grown enough to be sturdy and not need the stake, it’s time to remove it.

Generally, you can remove the stake after one growing season (approximately six months). It will be easy to tell when this is the case: if you have a small sapling or small tree, it should be sturdy enough that it doesn’t need support anymore.

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