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Trees damaging property can result in high costs for the owner of the tree. If you want to avoid expensive damage to your real estate, it’s essential to perform a few preventative tasks. We’ve developed this comprehensive guide to help our readers better understand the steps they can take to prevent tree damage. 

If you’re searching for tree trimming in Bellingham from Timber Tree Service, you’re likely wondering what steps we take to protect our clients’ trees. Let’s take a closer look at how you can stop your trees from damaging your home:

Routinely Inspect for Damage and Poor Health

The best way to avoid any surprises regarding tree damage is to routinely inspect your property’s trees. Look for broken or split branches, as well as signs of mold growth. Additionally, having a bunch of insects lingering around a tree can be evidence of poor health. 

Unfortunately, many tree problems can be hard to spot if you’re not a qualified arborist. That’s why it’s best to have a tree service visit your home regularly to inspect your tree health. This can help you assess tree roots and other tree elements that you won’t notice without training. 

In rare cases, your tree might be dying, which can result in hazardous conditions. If this is the case, your arborist might recommend tree removal. While this is a last resort, it is sometimes necessary to prevent severe property damage. 

Prepare for Wet and Windy Weather

When wet and windy weather picks up, it can create hazardous conditions for your trees. That’s why it’s always best to prepare your trees for this weather. Make sure to conduct any tree maintenance before wind and rain pick up again. 

Always Double-Check After Storms

If you experience a severe storm that doesn’t result in property damage, this doesn’t mean that the risks are over. You need to make sure to inspect your trees for cracked branches and other signs of weakness. This is another service best conducted by a tree service that has experience spotting problems in trees.

Don’t Underestimate Large Branches!

Large branches can be hazardous for people that want to avoid trees from damaging property. If you have trees with large branches that hang over your home, it’s critical to look at ways to reduce their danger.

You can reduce the risks posed by large branches by trimming them. Alternatively, an arborist might be able to install cables that provide added support to your tree branches.  

Consider Your Neighbors

Unfortunately, a neighbor’s tree can also put your real estate at risk. If you have a neighbor with trees that venture into your property’s space, it’s best to ask them to routinely check their trees too. Not doing so can leave you and your family subject to your neighbor’s tree’s health. 

Plan Appropriate Planting

While most of the tips in this guide outline what you should do to avoid tree damage from existing trees, it’s also essential to think about future trees. If you’re planning on planting trees near your home, it’s always essential to consider which location is best. 

To know how much space to give your tree, you need to learn more about the size of the type of tree that you’re planting. Make sure to speak to a tree service before you plant any additional trees.

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