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Though it is often a last resort, tree removal is an unavoidable part of owning a property with trees growing on it. Tree removal is a highly involved process that comes with risks of injuries and property damage, so it’s best to leave it to a professional. This post explains the steps involved in a professional tree removal procedure.

The Tree Removal Process

The first step of the tree removal process is identifying the issue that’s affecting your tree, such as disease, injury, and other defects. Then, a professional arborist will do the following:


Preparing to remove the tree ensures the process is as straightforward as possible and reduces the risks of injuries and accidents.

Preparation involves:

  • Clearing the Area: Measure the tree’s height and clear the surroundings to create enough space for the tree to lie flat on the ground after it falls.
  • Determine the Tree’s Natural Leaning Angle: This step helps determine where the tree will fall. However, note that not all trees will fall along their natural leaning angle.
  • Establish an Escape Route: Create an escape path before the tree removal procedure by removing obstacles.

Tree Removal

After preparation, your tree professional will proceed with the actual tree removal. This requires specialized equipment, which depends on the size of the tree. For example, a large tree will need more extensive equipment.

Your arborist will start by cutting a V-shape at the bottom of the tree at a 45-degree angle. The depth of the cut should be roughly a quarter of the tree’s diameter.

Then, they’ll go to the opposite side and make a cut a few inches above the undercut. This will release the stress on the tree’s trunk, causing it to come crashing down. Your tree professional will sound an alarm before they begin cutting.

Clear the Area

The final step of the tree removal procedure involves clearing the area. Your tree removal professional will start by removing the branches and hauling them away to create enough space to cut the trunk. Then, they’ll cut the trunk and thick branches into smaller logs that they can haul off.

Always Hire a Professional

As straightforward as the procedure might seem, tree removal can be extremely dangerous. To guarantee safe tree removal, it is always best to leave the task to qualified tree service professionals in Blaine.

They have the experience and expertise to safely remove your tree, by taking into consideration:

  • The height of your tree
  • Any nearby obstacles like power lines, your garage, home, or your neighbor’s house
  • Unexpected issues during the removal like rotting limbs and branches falling
  • What direction the tree will fall
  • The equipment needed for the removal, including cranes, wedges, chainsaws, and any other specialized equipment
  • The methods they will use to haul the downed tree away

On top of that, they have the necessary techniques needed to efficiently remove the tree and provide you with other services, such as:

  • Root removal
  • Stump grinding
  • Land and lot clearing
  • Crane tree removal

Tree Removal Professionals in Blaine

Avoid taking unnecessary risks by opting for DIY tree removal. Instead, turn to the services of a professional tree service company and enjoy the expertise, experience, safety, and efficiency they provide.

When looking for tree professionals in Blaine, WA, look no further than Timber Tree Service LLC. Call us today at 360-441-5033 and speak to us to learn why DIY tree removal is a bad idea and get your free quote for our professional services.

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