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Do you have a fallen tree blocking driveway access to your home? 

If a tree falls on your driveway, we advise calling an experienced tree service in Blaine. They will come out and remove the tree, allowing you to use your driveway again.

If any other trees or tree branches in the area are unstable, they will also remove them.

Read on to learn more about this critical topic.

What To Do When a Fallen Tree Blocks Your Driveway

When a fallen tree blocks your driveway, it can be frustrating, even if it’s a lone tree.

Let’s look at five things you should do to handle the situation:

1. Check for Nearby Hidden Hazards

If you have a tree blocking driveway access, you should first check for nearby hidden hazards.

It’s not just about the tree—you must consider what else might have fallen in your driveway due to the storm. For example, if you have downed power lines in your area, they could be lying on your driveway and cause electrical shock or electrocution if touched.

2. Call Your Insurance Company

Call your insurance company immediately if you have a tree blocking driveway access. They’ll help you with all the steps you need to do to deal with the problem, including getting an estimate and scheduling the tree removal.

If you don’t have insurance, or if your policy doesn’t cover this sort of thing, you can still call an arborist who will give you an estimate and organize the removal of the tree.

3. Hire a Professional Arborist for Tree Removal Services

If you’re having trouble with a tree blocking your driveway and want to remove it safely, you should hire a professional arborist. ISA-certified arborists offer expert tree care and emergency tree removal. They can inspect your trees and remove them in accordance with local regulations.

If they recommend that you remove the tree blocking driveway access, they’ll help you with all the necessary permits, as public trees need city approval before removal.

4. Schedule Stump Removal Services for a Later Date

After your arborist has removed the tree, you can schedule stump removal services for a later date. Professionals will remove the stump to prevent it from sprouting new roots and re-growing. They can either dig up the stump, chip it into small wood shavings, or treat it with special chemicals to prevent it from growing back.

5. Protect Yourself From Liability Issues

Remember that fallen tree incidences are dangerous to you and nearby persons. As such, you may worry about liability issues related to any accident that might occur during the process of removing your tree from the road.

Consider having an insurance policy that covers this possibility before starting any work on removal or trimming operations. This covers your own safety and anyone else involved in the project.

Contact Your Local Tree Experts for Service

If you’re in Whatcom County and need emergency tree removal services on private or public property, the ISA-certified arborists at Timber Tree Service, LLC, are here for you!

As an experienced tree removal company, we know how hard it can be to deal with a broken branch or an entire downed tree. So we do our best to ensure you have the help you need as quickly as possible to remove the tree blocking driveway access.

We don’t want you to have to wait around after a storm or windstorm has destroyed your driveway or yard. Read our safety tips for hazardous tree removal and then call 360-441-5033 to schedule a free assessment of the tree blocking your driveway.

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