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Property owners often wonder what to do with a tree after cutting it down. Most think that sending it to the landfill is the obvious choice. However, Timber Tree Service, LLC, Bellingham’s tree service company, has alternatives for you. Read on to learn more about what you can do with valuable wood instead of handing it over to a tree removal company. 

A Word of Warning

Not all trees are a good candidates for reuse. If the wood is infested or will pose a safety hazard, it’s better to dispose of it. If we cut the tree down for you, we will advise you on your best options. 

What to Do with Pieces of Wood

1. Craft Projects

Children can gather fallen leaves and twigs to create fun projects. Older crafters may saw up branches to use for sculptures or cut rings. Let your creativity guide you, and have fun!

2. Firewood

Whatcom County gets cold in winter, so why not store the tree and use it as firewood? Speak to us about splitting it into manageable pieces and then cutting it up so that it can dry out. It usually takes six months to a year before you can use it. Alternatively, kiln dry it so you can use it sooner. 

3. Rustic Furniture

The stump of a large tree can make for an interesting table if you treat it properly and varnish it. You can also make stools out of smaller logs for people to sit on. 

4. Send It to the Mill

If you have high-quality wood, it might pay to mill it. Check for companies that use portable mills so that they can do the work on your property. You will then need to dry the wood carefully before use. However, the advantage is that you can have a live edge and custom-cut pieces for a unique look. 

5. Make Cutting Boards, Candle Holders, and Coasters

With a bit of crafting ingenuity, you will have all the gifts you need for a few years to come. Work with manageable pieces so you can easily saw them up to create all sorts of projects. Allow the wood to dry properly before using it, and remember to varnish it afterward. 

6. Make Mulch

One popular answer when people ask, “What to do with a tree after cutting it down?” is to create wood chips or mulch. You can ask us to chip the wood so that you can use it as a nutritious mulch or to line pathways. 

7. Make a Wildlife Habitat

If you have the space and can keep the fallen tree away from your home, it can become a valuable wildlife habitat. However, be aware that not all HOAs or cities allow this, so check the regulations first. 

8. Make It a Garden Feature

You can use larger branches as focal points in the garden or as edging for beds, and they can also be used on a bank to create a terrace to stop erosion. You will need branches of at least 12 to 18 inches in length. 

9. Upgrade Your Vegetable Garden

Hollow out logs to create rustic planters or use the lumber to create raised beds. You can also weave the twigs and sticks into a fence to keep small animals and rabbits at bay. Keep some longer branches to create teepees or trellises for growing beans and vines. 

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