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Landscape owners in Fairhaven, WA, often need tree service for various reasons. While some simply want their property to look neat and attractive, others go the extra mile to demand a healthy one.

Property managers see a need for both. Regardless, tree care and removal should be done with the right equipment and by trained experts. 

Fairhaven, WA, tree service provides all the tree services you need. 

5 Common Tree Services You Need

1. Tree Trimming and Pruning Service

Every tree needs a trim once in a while to keep it in shape. Pruning removes unhealthy parts of a tree, to protect it from disease infestation and keep those around it safe. 

Healthy pruning practice also encourages healthy growth and keeps your tree sturdy.

Tree service experts in Fairhaven, WA, know the right pruning technique and have the right equipment for your trees. 

2. Emergency Tree Service

Windstorms are one of the major causes of tree emergencies. After the storm, many homeowners are left with fallen trees and limbs, stressed trees, and a yard filled with debris. 

This calls for an emergency tree service to help you clean up your property. Other causes of emergency tree service are: 

  • trees growing over a utility line
  • Abnormal leaning of tree
  • Pest and disease infestation
  • Root decay etc

3. Stump Removal  

Stumps may decay over time and serve as natural habitats for insects. These insects may affect other shrubs and trees on your landscape or even threaten your daily activities. 

Timber Tree Service will remove stumps from your property, clear the debris and leave a clean spot. 

4. Land Clearing 

Land clearing is an essential service where there’s overgrown vegetation. Land clearing service will remove unwanted materials and plants, leaving clean land for your construction project. 

5. Tree Removal  

Property owners call for tree removal service when they have a dangerous tree, a dead tree, an infected tree that’s bad beyond treatment, trees in the wrong location, and trees on a construction site. 

Call the Best Tree Service in Fairhaven, WA

Timber Tree Service is a leading professional complete tree care company serving residents of Fairhaven, WA.

The family-owned tree company has the experience and expertise to create a working maintenance plan for your landscape. For 12 years, they have provided nothing short of excellent tree service and customer relationships. 

Contact Timber Tree Service at (360) 441-5033 or visit their website.

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