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Spring is a critical time for tree care, as it is the time when trees begin to come out of their winter dormancy and start growing new branches and leaves. 

Proper trimming and pruning during this time can help to ensure the health of the tree and promote optimal growth.

Timber Tree Service, a leading provider of tree care services in Whatcom County, WA, is offering spring tree trimming and pruning tips to homeowners and businesses. 

Its team of experienced arborists shares some tips to help homeowners and businesses prepare their trees for the spring season and promote healthy growth.

5 Spring Tree Trimming and Pruning Tips Provided by Timber Tree Service

Here are some Spring Tree Trimming & Pruning Tips provided by Timber Tree Service:

1. Watch for Signs of Infestation

Spring is a time when insects and other pests become more active. Keep an eye out for signs of infestation, such as webs, chewed leaves, or holes in the bark. Early detection can help prevent damage to the tree and the surrounding landscape.

2. Prune for Shape

In spring, you can prune your trees for shape to help maintain the overall structure and appearance of the tree. Proper pruning can also help improve airflow and sunlight penetration, which can promote healthy growth.

3. Be Mindful of Spring Growth

Spring is the season when trees begin to grow new branches and leaves. It is important to be mindful of this growth when pruning, as cutting off too many branches can stop the tree’s growth. 

Additionally, pruning during periods of active growth can make the tree more susceptible to disease and insect infestations.

4. Avoid Over-Pruning

Over-pruning can cause undue stress to the tree and reduce its ability to photosynthesize, which is essential for growth and survival. It’s important to prune only the necessary branches and avoid over-cutting.

5. Trim Away Low-Hanging Branches

Removing low-hanging branches can help reduce the risk of injury or property damage during high winds or storms. It is important to trim these branches properly to avoid damaging the tree’s overall structure.

About Timber Tree Service

Timber Tree Service has been providing high-quality tree care services to homeowners and businesses in Whatcom County, WA for over 12 years. 

Its team of certified arborists and experienced technicians use the latest techniques and equipment like chainsaws and tractors to ensure that all work is done safely and efficiently.

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