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Often a difficult and daunting task, tree and stump removal is sometimes a necessity. Required for a variety of reasons, the project can often be labor intensive and difficult to accomplish safely and correctly. The proper equipment, experience, and training can help to mitigate the complexities of the job, but no matter how it’s being accomplished, there is no easy way to go about it. 

There are several tips that can make tree and stump removal safer and easier, ensuring that the job is accomplished with minimal risk and maximum results. One of the most important aspects of the task is the assumption that all power lines are live, or energized. An energized power line poses great risk to life and limb, and should always be a consideration of priority. To ensure the safety of all involved, the utility company should be contacted ahead of time, and arrangements should be made. To properly remove trees within a ten foot radius of a power line, a trained and experienced professional should be consulted.

When removing trees and stumps, it’s imperative to remain alert at all times. Refrain from working on removal during questionable or dangerous weather conditions, and always perform a hazard assessment of the work area beforehand to ensure the removal or mitigation of potential hazards before work commences. 

Removal equipment, such as chain saws, should be properly maintained, and should be utilized by those who have been properly trained for the task. The use of gloves, safety glasses, hard hats, and other personal protective equipment will ensure that the job is accomplished with minimal danger to life and limb.

The direction of the tree’s fall should be pre-determined and the area should be prepared. When felling a tree that is lodged against another tree, a building, or other object, extreme care is required. This situation poses specific hazards that should be pre-addressed. Once work has commenced, it is imperative to stay alert and aware of potential dangers, and workers should always be cognizant of the fluidity of the situation and the perils involved. 

The safest way to have a tree or stump removed, and to ensure that it is done correctly, is to hire a professional. Licensed and insured, Timber Tree Service is the #1 tree removal company in Bellingham, WA. Professionally trained, the team at Timber Tree Service is available to offer their insight and experience concerning all tree and stump removal needs. With their dogged attention to detail, the expert arborists do what it takes to finish the job correctly and to leave the customer happy.

Timber Tree Service has the expertise and resources to remove the bothersome or unsightly trees and stumps for both their commercial and their residential customers regardless of the complexities involved. With the title of the most trusted tree removal company in the area, Timber Tree Service serves the Bellingham community through quality service at competitive rates. 

To request a free estimate, call Timber Tree Service LLC at (360)-441-5033, or visit their website.

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