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Trees are a vital part of the environment and proper care is required to ensure optimum growing conditions and tree health. However, trees could constitute a potential danger to lives and properties in some situations and so, routine tree assessments are one way to mitigate the risks.

In the event of any tree issues or emergencies like in terrible weather conditions, certified tree service experts like Timber Tree Service need to handle the situation to deescalate and reduce the risks of more damage. They have a team of licensed and insured professionals who are certified to handle tree emergencies.

What Are The Emergency Tree Services Offered By Timber Tree Services?

Storm Cleanup

After bad weather conditions like storms, there may be devastating effects like fallen trees, broken branches, hanging limbs which serve as a source of potential accidents to passersby and also constitute an eyesore. Emergency Tree Service experts like Timber Tree Service provide 24/7 storm clean up services and provide comprehensive emergency tree care and storm clean up services to return client properties even better than they looked before the storm.  

They assess the damage caused by the storm, perform a thorough clean up and develop detailed tree care plans to prevent more damage.

Trimming and Pruning

Tree trimming and pruning are important to maintain tree structure and optimum health conditions. It helps to remove the parts that are dead, unhealthy or affected by bad weather, allowing new tree growth. It should be done by experts like Timber Tree Service who employ the right methods and equipment in pruning trees, reducing the risk of mistakes and damage to the trees.

Tree Removal 

Emergency tree removal may be needed in several situations including bad weather situations, dying trees, pest infestations or root diseases. Professional tree removal is required to safely remove any trees without causing danger to the personnel, passersby and surrounding property. Experts like Timber Tree Service offer expert emergency tree removal services in situations that require urgent removal.

Where To Find The Best Tree Care Professionals In Bellingham, WA

Your best bet for excellent, affordable 24/7 Emergency Tree Service is Timber Tree Service.

They are a family-owned and operated tree service company that has provided exceptional tree care services to residents of the Bellingham area and all over Whatcom County for over 12 years.

They take a comprehensive approach to their service delivery, ensuring they meet and exceed the expectations of each client. Their team is made up of licensed, insured and bonded professionals who put your safety first.

To speak with a tree care and emergencies expert at Timber Tree Service, call 13604415033 or visit their website.

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