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Are you wondering what to do about the stump on your property? Whether the tree was destroyed by a storm or fell due to the impact of disease, removal is necessary. 

That said, choosing the safest option to remove a stump from your property is much more important. And when it comes to the best option, only professionals can help you with that.

Blaine, WA tree service recommends hiring a stump removal service for your own safety.

Stump Removal Safety Tips 

1. Choose the Right Roval Method

There are various stump removal methods all of which will achieve almost the same result. Although some may be preferred, a homeowner is allowed to choose what’s best for their property.

Stump grinding is one of the ways you can remove a stump. It grinds the roots and leaves no room for regeneration.  Another way is through the use of chemicals to decompose the roots. 

Also, the stump can be set on fire. While all of these methods will give you your desired results, they all have side effects. For example, using the wrong amount of chemicals may cause some issues the same way handling the stump grinder without experience could cause fatal accidents.b

2. Wear Protective Gear

Protective gear cannot be overemphasized. For stump removal, covering the entire body is recommended. From helmets to glasses, gloves, masks and boots, no part of your body must be exposed to chemicals and sharp tools. 

3. Cut as Much of the Stump Down 

Cutting down as much of the stump as possible makes the job easier for you. The smaller the stump, the faster and easier it is to remove. 

With a chainsaw, you can keep cutting the wood till the saw cannot find a balance on the stump anymore. From there, the grinding or chemical application can begin. 

4. Be informed about the tools and chemicals 

It is important to read the manual of the tools you are working with to know how they are operated. The grinder for instance cannot exceed the recommended setting else it speeds up the projectile of the wood chips and becomes difficult for you to control. 

Work with the Best Tree Removal Service in Blaine, WA

Timber Tree Service has served the tree care needs of property owners in Blaine, WA for over a decade. 

The family-owned tree service has an incredible record of providing exceptional services from stump removal to tree trimming and pruning, tree removal services and emergency tree services. 

These professionals are reliable, honest and efficient and will only do what’s best for your property. 

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