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Tree stumps can be unattractive, disturbing, and even a source of danger when left behind on a property after tree removals. Not only do they take up space that can be used for other purposes, they make the environment look untidy and haphazard, and also disrupt land mowing, and can end up spoiling the tools used. Stump grinding should be included in the tree care and maintenance team to avoid these problems. 

Stump grinding requires high-grade equipment and professionals with superior experience in operating them. Experts like Timber Tree Service handle stump grinding for homeowners and commercial property owners in and around Whatcom County.

Why You Should Prioritize Stump Grinding

Protection From Pests

Tree stumps when left unattended can attract pests of various kinds which may not only spread to healthy trees but can cause disease spread to occupants of the home when they get into the home. Stump grinding eliminates the possibility of having infested stumps that promote infestation in the yard. 

Prevents Accidents

Stumps that are lower and less easily seen at a first glance can be dangerous for property occupants, especially children and the elderly who may be running around or taking a walk in the yard often. Those kinds of accidents can be prevented by getting stump grinding services from experts like Timber Tree Service. 

Creates More Space

Stumps take up much space in the yard, especially when they’re from large or multiple trees. Proper removal opens up the space for many other landscape ideas, beautifies the property, and increases its market value.

Makes Mowing Easier

It is difficult to properly mow around a tree stump and can end up damaging the mower used. Weeds could also grow on the stump requiring regular maintenance. Stump grinding makes mowing easier and faster since the yard is flat with no obstacles to stop the mower. 

About Timber Tree Service

Timber Tree Service should be your go-to choice for reliable Bellingham, WA Stump Removal services. In addition to providing top-quality tree care services to their customers, they are also fully licensed, bonded, and insured. 

As a family-owned business, they have developed a comprehensive approach to project management, offering a wide range of services to meet their clients’ requirements and encourage customer satisfaction. 

For more than 12 years, they have been providing exceptional tree services to residents of Bellingham and the whole of Whatcom County. You can be sure to get safe, reliable, and trustworthy services at fair prices. 

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