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Spring tree pruning is akin to spring cleaning your yard and garden. Removing old, dead branches from trees and shrubs enhances not just the plant’s health but also the beauty of your property. Pruning also helps with output renewal or expansion. It does, however, require prudence.

Here are some spring tree trimming and pruning tips from Lynden WA Tree Service.

Spring Pruning and Trimming Tips

  • To begin with, never prune more than 25% of a tree, shrub, or plant at a time. Anything more jeopardizes the tree’s existence.
  • When pruning trees and many plants, always cut where the branch originates on the trunk or main limb; never leave a stub. The only exception is when cutting hedges that need to be precisely shaped.
  • Always remove dead, diseased, or insect-infested branches first, followed by branches that are rubbing against one another. Then remove any branches that are growing back towards the middle of the tree or shrub. These branches would eventually cross and rub against one another.
  • To avoid damaging the bark, remove tree branches larger than one inch in diameter using the three-cut procedure. Following this procedure, you’ll first remove the weight of the branch before making the final cut close to the trunk or limb.

Should You Prune Your Tree In The Spring?

Pruning and replanting overgrown shrubs and trees is best done in early spring, as trimming your trees before the buds break allows the trees to heal from the wound. It is also much easier to detect any damage or disease that may have happened during the long winter months.

Professional Tree Pruning Services In Lynden, WA 

With spring soon approaching, if you need tree pruning, you must act quickly.

If all of this appears to be too much bother, get in touch with Timber Tree Service to handle all your tree pruning and trimming requirements. 

Their team of licensed arborists has the skills and equipment to expertly prune and trim your trees, and they offer additional services like stump removal, lot and land clearing, emergency storm service, and more.

They go to great lengths to ensure your trees and yard are serviced just as you wish. They also tidy up after that to ensure you don’t have unwanted roots, stumps, or branches all over the place. 

Do you need spring pruning or trimming services? Call Timber Tree Service now at 360-441-5033 or visit their website to get a free quote.

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