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Regardless of the numerous benefits trees provide, there are certain times they become a huge risk to human lives and property. If there’s recently been a bad weather condition such as a hurricane or tornado in your neighborhood then you might need an emergency tree service. 

In a situation like this, there is no better person to call than a certified tree professional. If you want to get rid of a fallen tree, remove a bent tree or a tree infested by diseases then you should reach out to the tree experts at Timber Tree Service. They serve Bellingham and the surrounding areas with exceptional tree care and management, and they can handle your needs, too.

Why Trust Timber Tree Service for  Emergency Tree Removal?

If you have just experienced a big storm, you can count on Timber Tree Service to provide a fast, professional and safe emergency tree removal to keep your loved ones and property safe.

Timber Tree Service is a family owned and operated and has been serving Bellingham and its surrounding for more than 12 years. They have a team of highly qualified, experienced and honest tree care specialists to attend to your emergency tree needs. The tree care experts at Timber Tree Service are licensed, bonded and insured. They will always put your interests first.

The tree experts can handle a range of storm cleanup needs at competitive rates. Their services are tailored to meet your exact needs. They can help you trim and remove fallen trees from your property. They will carry you along every step of the way so you can monitor their progress.

If you are in Bellingham and want excellent emergency tree removal and other related tree services like tree trimming and pruning, stump grinding, lot and land clearing, you cannot go wrong with the guys at Timber Tree Service. Their attention to details and customer service is unmatched. 

You can book a FREE consultation with a tree expert at Timber Tree Service today to discuss your specific needs and how they can help. You will get a free quote based on your needs and you can sit back relaxed, knowing that your tree needs are being handled by experienced tree experts.

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