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You may think that weeding and watering your trees and plants regularly would suffice for proper care and maintenance. However, trees require the services of a professional who has a vast knowledge of trees to first assess them to determine their state, then suggest proper care methods to keep them healthy. 

Timber Tree Service, a trustworthy tree service in Bellingham, WA, is offering reliable tree care services to homeowners and businesses to help properly care for and maintain their trees. 

Timber Tree Service’s team of professionals utilizes state-of-the-art equipment like tractors and excavators to properly handle trees and care for them effectively.

4 Expert Tree Care Services Offered by Timber Tree Service 

Here are four expert care services offered by Timber Tree Service:

1. Tree Removal

Trees age, then become weak and die. When a tree gets to the end of its life, it becomes hazardous and poses a safety risk to people around and your property. The experts at Timber Tree Service can handle them. They utilize state-of-the-art equipment like tractors and chainsaws to remove trees safely and effectively. 

2. Emergency Tree Service 

Tree emergencies like a tree falling on your roof, occur unexpectedly and can cause damage to your property. The experts at Timber Tree Service can handle any tree emergencies you may have. They will also get rid of every debris on your property when they are done. 

3. Stump Removal 

Tree stumps are unsightly and pose safety risks like tripping on your property. Timber Tree Service will help remove tree stumps from your property using state-of-the-art equipment like stump grinders to grind them to ground level then remove the roots. 

4. Tree Pruning

Tree pruning is an important aspect of tree care that is beneficial to both the tree and your property. It involves the careful removal of hazardous parts of a tree like dead or diseased branches. This helps to improve the tree’s overall health and also enhances your property’s curb appeal.  

About Timber Tree Service 

Timber Tree Service is a family-owned and operated tree service that has been offering expert tree care services to residents and businesses in Bellingham, WA for 12 years. 

Timber Tree Service has a team of highly trained and professional arborists who are trustworthy and can handle any tree situation you might have. They will always put your needs first to ensure you are optimally satisfied. 

Visit its official website or call (360)-441-5033 to get a free estimate.

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