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As Ferndale’s #1 tree service, Timber Tree Service LLC offers all kinds of tree services to meet the needs of their clients. The region’s top-rated tree care company, Timber Tree Service provides Ferndale, WA and the surrounding areas high-quality execution and competitive pricing. If you’re in need of fast and dependable tree services, give Timber Tree Service a call! Offering a variety of tree services to residents and business owners, Timber Tree Service is happy to provide expert tree care and friendly service. The team of professionally trained arborists offers insight, experience, and value, and their service is second to none. Bothe residential and commercial customers can confidently choose Timber Tree Service for all of their arbor needs.

From tree trimming and pruning to tree and stump removal, Timber Tree Service can help. Lot and land clearing, pruning, and emergency storm clearing are all specialties Timber Tree Service is pleased to offer. Regardless of the specific type of service their customers require, the clients of Timber Tree Service can count on the professionals to provide the best that the industry has to offer, coupled with competitive pricing. Attention to detail is a top priority at Timber Tree Service. The team of expert arborists specialize in tailoring their service to their customers’ specifications, and they leave the job site clean and beautiful.

“Taylor Lindsey at Timber Tree Service was awesome to work with for our tree removal project!” proclaims Brianna, a happy customer of Timber Tree Service, “He was prompt, professional, and fair. I have the upmost confidence in his abilities and I’m thankful for his emphasis on safety during the process. We had a great experience with Taylor and would highly recommend him for any tree service needs. In fact, I recommend him to all of my clients needing tree trimming or removal and have heard nothing but positive feedback about him. If you’ve got a tree issue, Taylor is your guy!”

Whether it’s trimming and pruning or disaster relief services, Timber Tree Service is a quality service with a trained team of experts, allowing them to get the job done in an organized manner, safely and efficiently. With an emphasis on excellent customer service and affordable pricing, Timber Tree Service has earned their place as Ferndale’s #1 tree service.

“Ever since we opened for business, we’ve taken a comprehensive approach to project management, providing our clients with a wide range of services to cover their needs.” states the company’s website, “Get in touch today to learn more about what we can offer you and to receive your free estimate.”

Available 24/7, the professionals at Timber Tree Service are ready to respond quickly to any emergency needs. With excellent and efficient service a top priority, they are proud to offer fair and competitive pricing, and they are dedicated completing the job in a manner that both pleases their customer and leaves no mess behind. Each job is seen as a unique and specific challenge, and every customer gets the very best. The local tree experts at Timber Tree Service provides the highest quality service at competitive rates, with the experience and equipment to perform fallen tree removal, pruning, trimming, and other services safely and efficiently.

To request a free estimate, call Timber Tree Service at (360) 441-5033, or visit their website.

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