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If you want to prevent your tree from getting diseased or damaged then you have to be intentional with taking good care of them, especially as winter approaches. The good thing with tree care is that it doesn’t require you to break the bank. Doing the right thing at the right time will help your trees live longer.

How To Take Care Of Your Tree During Winter


It is an established fact that trees go into dormancy during winter, this makes it an

ideal time for pruning. If you want to create a good structure in your tree then ensure you prune them while they are young.

One of the first important steps to prune your tree is getting rid of dead, dying, damaged, and diseased branches so they don’t spread to other healthy parts and affect the whole tree.

Although certain people prefer the DIY route, your best shot at getting pruning done correctly is engaging the service of a tree care expert in Ferndale WA who has the requisite expertise and tools.

Mulch to retain moisture and warmth

Another important thing you want to do to keep your trees in good shape during winter is mulching to retain moisture and warmth. To do this, you’ll have to cover the soil with a 3- to 5-inch layer of mulch, beginning just a few inches from the base of the trunk, and moving 2 or more feet from the tree in all directions.

Secondly, use organic matter such as wood chips, either with or without leaf matter. This works well because trees prefer wood chip mulch and the ‘duff’ created by their own leaves.

Need A Certified Tree Care Expert For Your Tree Care Needs In Ferndale WA?

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