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Trees are amazing and are essential components of life everywhere across the globe. As essential as trees are to the continuation of life on earth, they can be a ruinous force. They can cause severe damages to properties and lawns when they become overgrown or not cared for.

This is why taking good care of your trees should be a part of your home care routine and one that you should take seriously. Trees need attention, sometimes they need pruning or trimming. At other times, their branches need to be cut away or the whole tree requires uprooting. Whatever is needed, it is best if you engage a professional tree service company to handle the job.

Tree Care Tips: How To Take Care Of Your Trees

If you have trees around your property, whether home or business, below are tips to help keep them in good shape avoid damages:

–       Plant the Right Type of Trees

Before you plant any tree around your property, you should look into the future. Try and visualize how big it will get and how much space the tree is going to take when it matures. If the available space that you have cannot comfortably accommodate that tree, then you probably should not plant it. 

Additionally, be mindful of the shedding of leaves in autumn. Will the leaves fall all over your front porch, lawn, or driveway? Plan ahead. 

–       Water Properly

Just like any other plant or crop, trees need to be watered. If there has not been any rain for a while, you should check your tree, it may need a couple of bowls of water. Typically, old trees need about an inch of water weekly and younger ones need about 4-5 gallons.

–       Mulch

Mulching is the process of applying organic materials (usually) to the surface of the soil. This helps to protect tree roots, trap moisture in the soil, and also improves soil fertility and soil health. Just ensure you aren’t covering the roots of the tree.

–       Prune

Proper trimming of your trees does a lot for your tree structure. In addition, it helps to remove deadwood that might be stunting their growth. A pro tip is to try to do your pruning when your trees are dormant (without leaf growth).

Finding The Best Tree Service Experts In Blaine, WA 

If you are looking for the best tree Service Experts in Blaine WA, you definitely want to check the guys at Timber Tree Service. They are backed by several years of experience and hundreds of satisfied customers. 

They specialize in tree removal, tree pruning, tree trimming, stump removal, and land clearing. They have the right tools and resources to do a perfect job. 

What’s more? They are licensed, bonded, and insured. If you would like the guys at Timber Tree Service to handle your tree care needs, visit their official website or call 360-441-5033 for a FREE estimate.

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