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Trees are a crucial part of many landscape designs. While they may last for decades, a time comes when tree removal is necessary. When a tree is dying or in danger of falling, it’s crucial to schedule tree removal right away. Did you know that you need a permit to remove any trees within designated critical areas?

At Timber Tree Service, we understand tree removal regulations. You can count on us to help you secure a tree removal permit in Bellingham, WA. But have you ever wondered what happens to the unlevel ground left behind by tree removal? It helps to know how to level a yard after tree removal.

Fortunately, there are many exciting landscaping ideas for improving the curb appeal of your yard after tree stump removal. It takes a little work to restore your yard to its former glory, but the effort will be worth it. Here are some landscaping ideas to keep in mind.

Restore the Soil and Plant Grass

To encourage your grass to grow, start by preparing the ground. Remove as much of the wood chips and sawdust as possible. If there’s a hole left behind after stump removal, fill it up with quality lawn soil. If the stump hole is already filled, loosen up the existing soil.

Apply a lawn fertilizer that’s high in nitrogen, then cover it with a layer of topsoil, followed by compost. Mix the layers with a hand tiller, then repeat the process until the filled hole is slightly above the surrounding land level. Consider that it may take a while for the ground to settle and blend in with the rest of the lawn.

Next, sprinkle grass seed or soil/seed mix on top, then water the area thoroughly before covering it with a thin layer of hay or straw. You need to water the site regularly to prevent it from drying out.

Build a Flower Bed

This is a brilliant way to level your yard when you have an unsightly stump hole. Feel free to engage your creativity when designing this new feature.

You want to start by deciding on a shape. Before you measure the area and purchase supplies, choose an edging option such as shaped stones, rocks, or metal. Then, follow the steps below:

  •     Remove excess wood chips, grass, and rocks from the flower bed area.
  •     Rake the land so that it’s level and build an edging.
  •     Pour an even layer of topsoil and compost to fill the bed to the top.
  •     Plant flowers of your choice.

Create a Water Feature or Stone Path

You could turn a tree stump into a beautiful water feature. While this may seem like a fun DIY project, you will want to consult a landscaping company to do it right. Experts will provide a wide array of options to consider.

Tree removal is not a task you should do on your own either. You may read about why DIY tree removal is not advised here.

With these simple landscaping ideas, you now know how to level your yard after tree removal.

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