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After a tree sustains damage, it is crucial to take action to save the tree immediately. Causes of tree damage include severe storms, floods, lightning, or even construction work.

If you’re wondering how to save a damaged tree, look for tree pruning in Bellingham from Timber Tree Service first. When you call a professional tree company, they will be able to assess the damage.

If you have a damaged tree on your property, you can do a few things to help save it.

Assess the Damage

The first thing you need to do is look at the damage. Assessing the tree will help you determine what you need to do to save it.

A tree with broken branches will require different treatment than a tree with cracked bark or major limbs. Furthermore, look for nearby power lines and resist the temptation to climb the tree.

Decide to Keep, Wait, or Replace

After assessing the damage, you will need to decide whether you want to keep the tree, wait out the damage, or replace it. If the damage is severe, it may be best to replace the tree. However, if the damage is not too bad, you may be able to save the tree.

Waiting out the damage is a wise option, mainly because trees can usually survive hurricanes and tornadoes. However, if you have to wait out the damage, watch any young trees closely. If the damage gets worse, you may need to act quickly to save those trees.

First Aid Tips for Trees

Use the following first aid tips when learning how to save a damaged tree:

Don’t Overprune

A tree branch should be pruned, but never overpruned. Overpruning can weaken a tree and make it more susceptible to disease. It can also make the tree more prone to wind damage.

Remove Broken Branches

If you have broken branches on your damaged tree, remove them quickly. Broken limbs can cause severe problems if not removed as soon as possible. Broken branches will also increase the risk of disease and insect infestation.

Repair Torn Bark

You can repair torn bark with a tree wound repair kit. This kit will help protect the tree from disease and pests. Try not to use paint or sealant as these substances can interfere with the healing process.

Provide Support for Damaged Limbs

If you have a damaged limb, you may need to support it. Added support can help the tree heal and prevent further damage.

Do Not Top the Tree

Topping a tree is when you cut off the top of the tree. Taking this action can seriously damage the tree. Moreover, topping will make the tree more vulnerable to disease, insect infestation, and wind damage.

Monitor the Tree Closely

Once you have taken action to save your damaged tree, keep an eye on any further damage. Specifically, make sure the tree does not develop disease or insect infestation. If you notice anything amiss, contact a professional tree company right away.

Tree Services in Bellingham, WA

Following these tips can help you save a damaged tree. However, if you are ever unsure what to do, contact a professional tree service for the help you need. Timber Tree Service LLC offers complete tree care services in Bellingham, WA.

We have provided tree care services to hundreds of customers, residents, and businesses. Our experienced, knowledgeable staff is ready to provide expert advice on how to save a damaged tree. Call us today at (360) 441-5033 to learn more about the protection of pruned branches and schedule an appointment.

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