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Hazardous trees need immediate attention to limit the dangers they pose. However, hazardous tree removal can be risky, especially if you fail to implement the necessary safety measures.

The best way to handle hazardous tree removal is to contact Blaine’s reliable tree service company, Timber Tree Service LLC. 

What Causes Trees to Become Hazards?

Various things can cause your tree to become hazardous, including health, height, nature, and structure.

For instance, unhealthy trees with weak branches, rotten trunks, or pest-infested canopies can lean over or fall, causing injury or damage to your private property. Alternatively, trees with invasive roots can also pose significant dangers by growing into plumbing pipes.

How to Tell If Your Tree Is Hazardous

The first step of hazardous tree removal is detecting whether your tree is dangerous to you or your property.

Fortunately, there are several signs you can look out for to determine if your tree is hazardous, including:

  • Leaning tree: After long periods of rain, the ground can soften, causing the tree to become unstable and lean to one side. Strong winds can also cause your tree to develop a sudden lean.
  • Signs of rot: Look for white-looking wood, leaf discoloration, branch die-back, and deformities at the tree trunk and base. The presence of these signs often indicates internal rot.
  • White ant activity: Having white ants in your tree signifies the tree’s instability. These ants usually eat the tree’s internal hardwood, leaving only its outer living tissue and making the tree unstable.
  • Lifted root ball: A lifting root ball indicates tree instability and calls for immediate removal.
  • Cavities in the trunk: The presence of multiple holes in your tree’s trunk, root flair, or main stem is always a cause for concern.

Hazardous Tree Removal Safety Tips

Immediate removal is the best course of action to protect yourself, your family, and your property from the dangers hazardous trees pose. However, taking the necessary safety precautions is crucial to ensure you safely remove hazardous trees and minimize risks.

Here are five essential safety tips to keep in mind.

1. Wear Safety Gear

Put on your hard hat, leather gloves, and safety glasses to protect yourself from flying debris, cuts, stings, bites, and deadly falls. Ensure that you also wear slip-resistant shoes and long sleeves.

2. Check Power Lines

If the tree you are removing is close to power lines, contact the electric company before working on it.

They will dispatch a team that will de-energize or shield the tree while the removal process is in progress.

3. Mark the Felling Zone

Estimate where the tree will fall and mark off the area to protect yourself, pedestrians, and those around you. Remember to pad the felling zone and watch for falling branches.

4. Avoid Working Alone

Always have a partner standing several feet behind you. They can help you monitor the top of the tree to let you know when it begins falling. Your partner can also look out for any falling branches.

5. Always Turn to Trained Professionals

The most important safety tip is to leave the hazardous tree removal to trained professionals. They have the training, experience, equipment, and gear needed to carry out the removal safely, guaranteeing your protection.

Professional Hazardous Tree Removal

Are you concerned about tree mortality, or do you have a hazardous tree needing urgent removal? Get in touch with Timber Tree Service LLC for safe, professional hazardous tree removal services.

Call today at (360) 441-5033 to schedule reliable hazardous tree removal services or learn more tips for preventing property damage from trees.

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