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Why not save some money with DIY tree removal? The short answer is that it’s dangerous and time-consuming to do so without the right expertise and equipment. The task of leveling a yard after tree removal poses a unique challenge for the standard homeowner. 

Why Hire a Professional Instead of DIY Tree Removal?

People call Timber Tree Service LLC for many reasons. The most common ones are as follows. 


You might believe that you only require help when removing a large tree. Small trees can, however, present a problem. It’s easy for something to go wrong in either instance, even if you use felling wedges. 

The tree might, for example: 

  •     Fall in the wrong direction and crush someone or damage property
  •     Fall the right way but “kick” out unexpectedly
  •     Damage the power lines, creating a hazard for everyone
  •     Weigh a lot more than you realize

Even when you top the tree and remove it bit by bit, there’s a danger of the logs crashing to the ground. Another safety issue, in this case, is that you have to worry about falling out of the tree. 

You might also do everything correctly but be caught offside by decay or the type of wood. A decaying tree trunk might collapse in on itself. 

Our team has the proper experience and safety gear to cut down any tree. They also carefully plan escape routes ahead of time to ensure that everyone stays safe. 

No Property Damage

One misstep here can cause significant property damage. If the tree falls the wrong way, it can crush your roof, windows, or your neighbor’s property. Even small logs can smash a car window or dent the paintwork. 

As the homeowner, you’ll have to pay for the repairs. This could prove problematic if your insurer learns that you attempted a DIY tree removal. 


You can lop off some branches in an afternoon, but removing a tree entails more than just cutting it down. Chipping down and clearing away the wood adds to the challenge, as does getting rid of the root ball. 

Timber Tree Service LLC is here to save your weekends. Give us a call, and we’ll deal with the cutting and removal of the tree. We can also assist in taking out the stump and leveling the ground afterward. 

Cost Savings

We look at DIY projects as a way to save money. Here, however, it’s a false economy. You can go and buy the chainsaw, safety harness, oil, and everything else you need. Most people won’t go to the expense of purchasing earthmoving equipment but hire it instead.

In short, hiring professionals costs less than DIY tree removal. It’s also a better value for the money. It might be fun to buy power tools like a chainsaw, but how often will you use them? Will you get your money’s worth or will it be another expensive toy gathering dust? 

The other aspect to consider is what happens if something goes wrong. Timber Tree Service LLC is licensed and insured against accidents. Therefore, in the unlikely event that something does go wrong, you have recourse. 

Taking such a project on yourself, however, could cost far more in the long run, even if nothing goes wrong. You might, for example, break up and stack the wood, which could become a home for rodents, termites, and other pests. 

If you are from Bellingham, make sure to check whether a tree removal permit is required to avoid paying fines and worse, jail time.

Skip DIY Tree Removal and Hire the Pros

You have better ways to spend your weekend, so call our Bellingham professional tree removal team at 360-441-5033 today for your free estimate. Then, let’s all yell, “Timber,” safely and efficiently.

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